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DJ Matt and I continued the special 3 part playlist of West Coast is the Best Coast! So far we’ve covered old CA bands from the 60’s, 70’s and last Thursday we ended the show with getting into a few bands from the early 80’s. Mostly from the punk era. In this up coming show…


TOP ADDS 1 REPTAR “Ice Black Sand” [Single] Joyful Noise 2 THEESATISFACTION EarthEE Sub Pop 3 SIMIAN GHOST The Veil Playground 4 DUTCH UNCLES O Shudder Memphis Industries 5 QUIET COMPANY Transgressor Modern Outsider TOP 30 ALBUMS 1 BLIND SHAKE Breakfast Of Failures Goner 2 OH HONEY Sincerely Yours [EP] Atlantic 3 LIA MICE I…


As I try and think of  the words to write for this blog post, I’m overwhelmed with the thought “omg I can’t believe I’m about to write a post about interviewing one of my favorite singer/songwriters of all time.” That person being Justin Pierre from the band Motion City Soundtrack. It’s been about a week…


Sports Buzz is a new feature on SCAD Atlanta Radio that introduces our listeners to students who are members part of SCAD Atlanta athletics. Our first installment features Elisa Freitas, a third-year fashion design major and a Bee on the SCAD Atlanta women’s tennis team. Be sure to head over to  SCAD Connector to view Elisa’s artwork. Learn…


Welcome  to another great quarter at SCAD Atlanta Radio! We are completely back up and running and ready to get providing great shows and music for your ears to listen to!


  While most of you are probably trying to get as far away from SCAD as possible, the lot of us who live in the Atlanta area will be enjoying the weekend in the Hotlanta albeit being cooler this season. Whatever you decide to do… Have fun and be safe! Also.. Enjoy The Weekend! Friday…